In a way, the moment we arrived at Social Muscle Club marked our real arrival in Berlin. It suddenly felt that not only would it be possible to meet a supportive and creative network here, it was highly probable.
— Richard Aslan, Brighton, UK
The Social Muscle Club proposes and experiments concretely with new ways of defining and encouraging performance, participation, sharing and engagement in our current lives. Social Muscle Club provides that space and time in which we can realize the connections binding us together, and turn our existing strength as individuals or a community towards a common purpose beyond consumption or entertainment.
— Michael Arnon, Berlin
Der Social Muscle Club ist ein Schlüsselerlebnis in meinem Theaterleben. Nie hab ich eine solche Verschmelzung von Bühnen– und Zuschauerraum erlebt.
— Benedikt Wyss, Basel
What do i want to give, what do i need and what do i want to take are huge questions that Social Muscle Club offer very concretely to its visitors by bringing together people who want to do just that: giving, needing, taking. i remember somebody asking for a summer house for a few days, by a lake if possible...and they got it. i remember somebody offering a carshare to amsterdam. i remember someone needing a tax advisor and i remember somebody offering a head massage. i enjoy how SMC undermines the capitalistic ideology of supply and demand and breaks it down to singular encounters.
— Siegmar Zacharias, Berlin
I had the chance to participate at the 6 hour trip ( at the old people house , the millionaire’s dinner and the trip through the nature, in the park). The six hour trip was for me about spending time together, spending time with people I don’t know, for example old people who I would never meet otherwise. It made me think a lot about how isolated to certain sectors of the society we are, especially as foreigners in Berlin. The whole day I had a great feeling that time was stretching in many directions, and that I really loved. I guess it’s one of the things that we want from theatre to suspend and share time and all what unfolds from there!
— Ayara Hernández, Spain/Germany