(English below)

 ‚Neuländish’ is a combination of the German word for ‚new land’and the english word ‚outlandish’.  In this series of Neuländish labs, we will train our social muscles with people who we ‚normally’ may have nothing in common with.  Here lies the creative potential and risk!  Both artists and non-artists are welcome to join.The resulting fruits of our labs will be presented next summer in a public Neuländish Fair for the community to enjoy. 

Social Club Muscle develops participatory events and new forms of coming together. Art and performance is a vehicle for new contacts and dialogue and takes place throughout Europe. After clubs in France, England and Switzerland, now an on-going Viennese Club with local artists has begun.

Dates for 2016: 

Club: 11. May, 20.00 O'Clock, Sophiensaele /Sophienstrasse. 18, 10178 Berlin

Labs: 17. June, 19. August, 16 September, 21. October, 11. November at 12.00 O'Clock, Uferstudios/Uferstrasse 8, 13357 Berlin