Social Muscle Club’s ‘Peace Talks’ tour in Berlin is coming up in June. Dates and locations are set (announcement coming soon). Five wonderful performers we met on our last USA tour, representatives from SMC Vienna and Bristol, and a bunch of amazing Berlin artists are already on board.

We think now’s a great time to call out to everyone who may have a bit of interest, attended a club, like the idea, follow us, etc: who else wants to join?

We’re specifically looking for amateur choirs, aura readers, marching bands, tarot card readers, self-identified type-A personalities who are sometimes very uncomfortable in social giving and taking spaces, piercers, people who can build things, people who are amazing cooks and creative thinkers, individual artists looking for a community and network, social arts practitioners, healers, and losers and winners. Yeah you can be a ‘loser’ and join this project! Some of the very founders of SMC are losers!

Do you know older people not on social media who you can recommend? Or people who wouldn’t recognize Social Muscle Club as something they might be interested in that you can recommend? 

You, yourself, might have a mental illness or a tic, or you might feel totally capable and healthy and have so much to give. We have been there- both places. 

You might know you have something to give but don’t have a vessel for that… you might be totally confused and be seeking something new. Open to try something out. You might be a bit more open and social digitally but want to slowly explore that interaction in REAL-LIFE! 

You might not know English and somebody reading this will read this to you and translate it. And you might know another language that you can teach us so that we don’t just post this in English. (or maybe you just translate and post this in the language you know already!!)

Also, we’d love to have a writer, somebody who likes to document and think about things. To document the whole Peace Talks month in June! Maybe in the form of a booklet or Zine? This can be great for you and also us, and link us all up together to lots of international partners. 

You might have a general, abstract need for peace and community— did a big try and push for that in the past— hello 2012— and felt it failed. And need a little help to try it again. Or inspiration from other people. You might have been a part of SMC in the past and want to re-join?


We will take every contact seriously!

All events will take place June 1- 23 in different locations in Berlin, Germany. Please reply to this post or email us at Your reply is valuable, and we take it seriously. We’d love to meet and Skype or just email and talk about the SMC human tree and how we’ve worked until now, and what you’d like to contribute, or what you might need from us.

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