Give it Away

Posted on by Social Muscle Club

So excited for nowMomentnow (Liz Rosenfeld and Imogen Heath) to take over Feb. 13's club in the Sophiensaele, Berlin. 

Here's what they plan:

"We are thinking about the future. How does one give & take in terms of a future?  What is futuristic giving?  What is it to give to the future?  Unconditional giving to the future.  To no-one in particular.  Dreaming of a post-human future. There are lots of cultures & rituals of giving which do not expect something in return. The time capsule –  like a coffin.  A Space/Machine/Time/Rocket Pyramid.  Preservation for the future!  Elements of the past or the now, a preserved dead-un-dead for the future…  what is the cycle of life in this scenario?  Can this capsule of random relics be a futuristic SEEDBOMB!  What will grow from these spores?  What will come smashing out of our revolutionary army of fetishistic HAWT bionic Bitches space-machine time-rockets pyramids? What will you give? & maybe more importantly, what will you take from the future? Receiving is often the hardest!    Will the future evolve out of shame into unconditional receiving?  Will the future ask for what it needs!?!  Giving is only one half of the muscle.

The nMn time_capsule shortlist:

Salty Lakritz.

The bunny Holy ME.

1 x Lipstick

1 x Sigil

Love letter from the past.  – (doesn’t mean you learn anything)



A vial of menstrual blood!

Raw Chocolate

…… coffee, butter, flour… bacon, goats cheese….  The makings of a good breakfast. 

The Onesie!!!  (liz suggests Angora onesie – very impractical!  )  (Imogen suggest metal-lined anti-surveillance one-sie!)

Photos of solar-powered dildo!

& a Hammer!"