First Fundraiser is set for May 16

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Social Muscle Club Fundraiser @ Remedy!

Friday, May 16 at 18.30

Location: Remedy Studio for Moving Mind and Body, Schwedterstr. 40, 10435 Berlin 



We will be exercising our muscles - both social and the other kind - all evening long at Remedy Studio.  Join us!

What are we offering?  music + drinks + salsa + 80s aerobics + yoga + the chance to support a really good cause = FUN!

How much does it cost?  We receive your financial support, through your generous donations, for our fest in June!

What is Social Muscle Club? Social Muscle Club is a hybrid of art and non-art, play and usefulness. In Social Muscle Club projects, the usual paradigms of thought are encouraged to change. The aim is to strengthen and develop social strengths and abilities, for the benefit of ourselves and our communities! The methodology combines artistic elements with social interaction. Currently we run a bi-monthly giving and taking club in the Sophiensaele Berlin and June is our first multiple-project “fest”. 

What happens at Social Muscle Club Fest June 11-14?

Four projects: a special giving and taking club at Sophiensaele, a new cross-generational communication at an Altersheim with letter writing as the center point, an edible banquet of art that seeks new interpretations of “richness”, and a project about balance with nature where we marry singing trees.

Until now, Social Muscle Club isn’t state-funded.  It is all made possible through volunteer work and crowd-funding.  With your contribution you will help to pay for all of the things that go into making a festival: space rental, props, technical equipment rental, paying the artists, paying the organisers, publicity, office costs, stage decoration, and more.