Written to Olafur Eliasson in 2011

Posted on by Social Muscle Club

Hi artist,

I need to meet you. I need to find someone who shares a search in the question of how art can be a right contribution to our difficult times. I am so bored of the fact that all artists are not exploring the social question enough and that they are satisfied just to do art because they need to express. Which is actually totally ok but where are the artists who are not satisfied with the circumstances of our times. If there are some lets meet!!! The only reason why artists is so alienated is because being an artist means that there are many possibilities of getting distracted. The world is burning and i am tired of trying to adapt in order to function. No one is writing letters anymore to strangers.... we are afraid of being pathetic. So we rather stay professional and accept the harsh rules of the market. 

So I am in a deep crisis. Living and working here in berlin since 10 years doing independ art.

Coming from theater, dancing, acting, performing, working with different companies, founding my own company, doing my own work, trying to collaborate, trying to open source my work, exploring the difficulties as an individual in the group.. being confronted with my own tendency of wanting to control of being so ego-centered, lazy, proud, arrogant, etc etc... and seeing all these qualities in all the other artists... But becoming more aware of the inner war of the social and antisocial "instincts" of humans I want to do art to proof that the consciousness is forming the Wirklichkeit (reality, objectivity, truth) and not staying a slave of my social class. Art is the perfect tool to train certain qualities that humanity needs in order to become free. the only condition is that you want to become free. Because Freiheit macht Arbeit.  Well there a of course a million other thoughts i would like to share and would be curious to hear from you.

But now concert: me and some friends are making a (Fest)ival end of May, beg. of June, under the Motto : Lets train our ability in being interested in the other human.... what is unconditional interest?

Jill Emerson (choreograph, dancer) is working with homeless people on a musical, I am currently writing a ambitious self referential missionary didactic fiction play about a city with 50'000 artist where each of them wants to produce more than to receive what the others have produced. And slowly they become  immune and resistant against all kind of nutrition ( Nahrung)  and start daying of boredom and of lack of enthusiasm. The age of stubit (artist)

Till Rothmund (Filmproducer) will contribute with his studies about the art fundings. He wants to to produce some art that people can eat. (as a metaphor for spiritual nutrition) Maybe some Millionairs would pay a lot for eating art , I guess it depends on who the artist is.

Are you inspired? Do you wanna meet us? Can we come and visit you in your studio for a coffee?

 Herzliche Grüsse Rahel Savoldelli